Monday, March 8, 2010

DAY 58: New Directions

I'm waking up to a clearer mind everyday. I know what I have to do. And today... I was able to speak with one of my mentors at work. And he basically gave me the best advice ever. Tomorrow is judgment day, and hopefully things will work out for the best and I will find my happiness again at work. I don't really see myself resigning just yet... it's more of... I need a new challenge - the right kind of challenge and not one that was just plucked out of obscurity and won't really do anything for me. Hopefully, the big boss will approve my proposal tomorrow and I will be a happy worker onwards to 2010.

I also had a good game of tennis today so my endorphins are up. And I haven't really had any bouts of depression or black magic consume me. Thoughts cross my mind from time to time but I try to incise them from my memory. What for? Plus, there's so much to be done and I just have to stop dilly-dallying and do it - better busy myself with matters that will nourish my spirit and guide me towards the right path rather than matters that simply crush me to oblivion.

The talk with Charlie yesterday really did me good - she is my rock. And it seems that I'm not really an island after all. I always kept my problems to myself before, for fear of turning people away, and well, I've just always been a private person. Lately, I've realized that you really do need your friends because they get you through your trials in life. They put you back in the right path. And talking to Denise today over a cig also helped clear my mind.

Pag-artist nga naman talaga oh. Masyadong existentialist.

Finally finished my article for Status Magazine - a day late but I did it. I got around to writing an article - which means my thoughts aren't so cloudy anymore. My mind's eye is no longer looking through a dusty lens. Direction has cleared my mind, and hope has revitalized my heart.

I wanna be in tip-top shape and 2010 will be my year. I just took a minor detour into the woods but I have finally emerged. Let's get into fighting form. 2000 and Thin!

-1/2 cup of Red Rice
- Bistek Tagalog Strips

Lunch: at Mall of Asia
- 3 pcs. Hakao
- 1 bowl of sweet and sour soup
- 2 pcs. Siomai
- 1 Mango Shake
- 1 Crispy Tofu

*Had a good lunch today with my work buddy Derrick and Carissa who is back from New York. We dined at this really posh Chinese Restaurant in Mall of Asia across Itallianis and I actually felt kind of old. But I liked it. Dining in style... this is how we roll. haha

*Ok I think my smile is way too big here. Masyado akong atat.

*Mango Shake. yum

*Medyo nakakumay tong sweet and sour soup.

*Dimsum is always good.

*Dry tofu.


1 hour and 15 minutes of Tennis
Won again in a game of doubles! 6-2, 6-4

196.5 pounds

195.5 pounds

-2000 and Thin

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