Thursday, March 18, 2010

DAY 67: Language Barrier

I'm such a chameleon. I adapt easily to speech. I can do straight up jologs with hints of conio. Or English with an  American accent with hints of Pinoy. Actually... not just speech. I can adapt to any situation - though not as comfortably in others. Which makes me wonder... if I am able to adjust to anything... then who am I really... deep down inside? Yuck! emo na naman. Parati nalang emo mga entries ni Toff. haha. artist eh. daming angst. kung walang angst... boring ang buhay. walang kulay. walang saysay. walang tunay. hindi masaya. hindi masigla.

i can no longer settle for okay because I know that I am capable of great. I can no longer settle for okay lang when I am capable of happiness. Ganun lang naman yun eh. Pag hindi na ako masaya eh... sorry... ayoko nang magsayang ng oras sa mga bagay-bagay na wala rin namang patutunguhan. I know for sure that I am once again passionate about theater. I wanna get into the habit of being excited with writing so I can finally be a regular again with Star. There's so much to be written and to discover. I find that I grow more as a person with every conversation that I make - and since I'm a natural introvert, I find myself duly enlightened when I am able to interview people and pick their minds about things.

I had a good shoot today for Status Magazine. We're doing a supplement for Boys Teens' and it's really great working with friends who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and are passionate about the same thing. Cray-zey! I find myself coming alive when the art comes in... then I die when I do the administrative dirty crap... or the waiting around in the office for my work hours to expire. Wow... I'm seriously not happy anymore in my work. It's not even the assignment. It's the nature of the job. I will give this more time... until enough is enough and I say... tangina. I'm done.

*Three of my favorite people: Rosario, Rev and Mesh

dare I even mention... way too much.
1 can of Nescafe Coffee
1 oatmeal cookie from Quaker Oats

1/2 cup of white
3 pcs. of spicy chicken from KFC

1 glass of orange juice w/ pulp

Dinner: OK DUN DUN DUN...
3 slices of yellowcab pizza
4 pcs. chicken from chicken barbecue


 *Xeng works her magic on Dayal

*Jiro and Camilla being shot by Rev

*Ang payat ng legs ni Rev. Rev 1, Toff 0. haha. we are currently racing to 175

*Dayal, David, Camilla, Jiro and Phillip. It's Deja Vu for 3 of the 5.

*It started to drizzle at some point and we lost the sun after lunch. Puta.

*Getting ready to take the plunge

*Enk. Blooper

*Much better. Bombs away!


*Rev, R and Joe hard at work


*Spot the not-so-hidden smiley

* I love Camilla. She has such great energy about her.



*Models are mortals too. They actually eat KFC Chicken. Fattening, fried KFC chicken. Haha.

194 pounds

196 pounds

- 2000 and Thin

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