Thursday, March 11, 2010

DAY 60: And that's that. Milk on my cereal

Watching FRIENDS now and I must say... all the food, friends, and well... FRIENDS these past couple of days have been giving me the right dose of happiness to combat the depression that ran rampant in my system last week. Haven't been exercising which has contributed a lot to my weight gain... and I've been eating again. But oh well. At least I'm back in mental shape. In fact, the depression is almost non-existent. My stress has moved away from my personal life, and back to work - which is totally normal - which is how it's been for the past 60 days I've been blogging for 2000 and Thin.

Save for catharsis random night with Christel, I've been staying home these past couple of days and just taking it easy after a hard day's work. I've been catching up on all my series lately - and I'm so glad they're back because they were a huge part of my state of normalcy in 2009. Smallville. 90210. Fringe. Gossip Girl. Lost. 24. Cougar Town. America's Next Top Model. Ugly Betty. Survivor. Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. Vampire Diaries. 30 Rock. Melrose Place. Project Runway.,

Each episode is a good one hour of my life spent, and one less hour staring at the wall, problematizing and existentializing as usual. Wonder what's gonna happen at work today? All I know is... after work, I look forward to seeing old friends after a long, looooooong time!


- 2 servings of pancit malabon
- Fish Fillet (a lot!)
- Lumpiang Shanghai (a lot!)
- Tuna Sandwich (a lot!)



 Today, we had training with our media agency, orienting us with the media landscape of the Philippines for 2010. Apparently, there's a lot of false economy going on because of the elections...

Dad drops by the room while I was watching 90210. Himala. Haven't spoken to him since our trip to Sapporo last December.

Sinful. Thank God Denise was stopping me from getting for the whole 2 and a half hours that they sat in front of me. haha.

196.5 pounds

197.5 pounds

- 2000 and Thin

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