Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DAY 79-80: PATRON TEQUELA (not a misspell. haha.)

Actually hit the beach in the morning for some raft action (pun intended). I must have injured my self a bunch of times... doing our whole stay on the raft survivor bit. I kept grazing my skin against the wood. But it was so much fun. And.... I was able to take off my top (uuy!) but siyempre... mukha akong suman. Lots of liquification needed. For some reason, I have an hour glass shaped body... as in curves and all - since as far as I can remember. I'm not one of those guys gifted with a V form. Oh man.

Anyway, I'm glad I came with friends because they make me... not conscious at all and be able to do anything I want without feeling ashamed or insecure about my weight. And not friends who all have V shaped bodies. Coz that just makes it harder for me to take off my shirt. haha. Hello Nicky Daez and model Mik who I saw in Tali by the way with their whole clan. First, we were trailing their car on the way to town for some halo-halo and I was like... that guy outside the pickup truck looks familiar. True enough... it was Nicky Daez! And second, by the cliffs when Anna, Aj, and Mark decided to take the plunge. Brave souls. The Daezes were all slender. My family on the other hand is tabain. The only one who's fit is my brother Ipe but he just has a fucked up diet of nilaga everyday. And he's actually fine with it. Weird.

*Nicky takes the plunge.

*Cara, Sants, and Peachykins ready to hit the beach.

*Mark T and Cara B! LIquify! haha.

That's what you call living in the moment and it's all precisely the strength of a theater actor. No day but today. Who cares what other people will think? Judgmental hubbubs and the sort. Basta... kung ayaw mo, chaka mo lang. Haha. Nahawa na ako kay Jo who I had some sabaw bonding moments with while washing the dishes. Yep, I got into the stride of being the dishwasher for Days 2 and 3. Sarap din pala maghugas ng pinggan noh. You don't have to think. Just do. Also had a good cookout with Mark and Jonjon though the smoke kept getting into my eyes. In fairness, patok ang mga liempo and manok namin.

*Jo, Me and AJ! I will miss the gripo and the dishwashing liquid... for sure.

*The bagets gang in Chowking... waiting for our halo-halo!

Also took a roadtrip to the bayan for some halo-halo. That was the most epic fail of our trip... we didn't have dessert. Pa-nees!

2 pcs. Hotdogs
Corned Beef
Adobo Rice

Adobo Rice


4 pcs. Liempo
Adobo Rice
3 cans of Red Horse
4 swigs of The Bar
2 shots of Patron

*Mark T ready to hit the beach as Cara and Sunds look on.

*Waxing philosophical.

*Hunger pangs
*Tatawa-tawa kayo... kayo din pala! Oh man, now i'm craving for orange chicken.

*Ra, ra, ra-ah-ah-ahhh.

*Mimi and Angel. Wait Aj, what exactly do you find yummy in this picture? haha.

*Ayun oh!

*Mik takes the plunge!

*Hanging by the cliffs

*Anna and Mark prepare to jump


*Bombs away

*Safe and sound

*Angel flies

*Habulin mo ako!

*Winter collection. haha!

*Me with Aj


High Fashion. Haha. Day 3 was all about high fashion - everything in high fashion. We did a reprise in the beach and had the best lunch. Spent most of the afternoon bumming and then shooting our music video to the tune of Bad Romance. Jo directed. And Robbie joined later on the shoot the video. May mga incidental shots pa siyang nalalaman. Professional! Haha!

Left Tali at around 730pm for Tagaytay where we ate in this Italian Restaurant. Super yummy food! We were originally supposed to have dessert only but... that was an epic fail. Haha. After a few more shots by the garden, we headed for home. Got to Manila at around 12 midnight and hung around for a bit 'til we decided to call it a night. I was a goner... plopped on my bed and maneuvered my way through my sunburn. I am officially nog-nog! And summer has officially begun!

2 pcs. hotdog
Adobo Rice

2 pcs. liempo

Pasta Vongole
1 pc. pizza margherita
1 pcs. pesto pizza
Mango Shake


- 2000 and Getting Fat

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