Monday, March 15, 2010


haha! all of a sudden i remember my Toff's version of Hairspray's YOU CAN'T STOP THE BEAT.

Cue music:

Coz you can't stop the beat,
ever since you first saw the light,
emotions of a rollercoaster saturday night,
saw you dressed in black,
when i left you were dressed in white,
can you fill me in?


Yesterday was good. It was good productive vibes all throughout. Ended the night with a good mix of people from different aspects of my life - gathered together in the ashram of sin that is Encore. Haha. Save for an untoward incident that happened to the birthday celebrant that is just totally unforgivable, vile, and inhuman, it was a pretty good day. I'm happy she's okay though. I've seen it happen a lot in Encore, just didn't think it'd happen to anyone I know. Thank God she's okay.

We were able to discuss a good deal for Wedding Singer as auditions are already coming up this Friday... Yup brand new challenges. Brand new production! Can't wait to get the ball rolling. And I got to see HB who I haven't seen in ages. He swung by the house, and Cristina followed before the two of us decided to head to Encore. Saw a lot of theater people there from my different theater groups and I must say, it was nice seeing them actually partying it up in Encore. I mean we usually gravitate towards house parties and more understated places but it's nice to loosen up from time to time, kick up your heels, and well... get down and dirty. Haha. 

I didn't get drunk. But I was sweating profusely - which explains the two bathroom breaks I took where I'd cool off by the airconditioning in the bathroom. Haha. SAD is a three-letter word. I'm into "keep it real" nowadays... so when the shoe doesn't fit, don't force it. Wag pilitin.


Lunch - Dinner (during the Meeting):
8 slices of thin-crust pizza from Shakeys
3 pcs. fried chicken

Alcohol: ENCORE
1 Glass of Malibu Pineapple
2 Sips of Vodka Sprite
3 Shots of Tequila Rose
1 shot of Patron

 *I'm starting to notice... Santi always seem to be smiling like this in pictures. haha

*Now this is a smile. Jonjon looking all happy :)

*Girl Power: Shelyn and Anna

*Guess who decided to drop by? HB! Love this guy

*Shot shot shot

*Cristina and Ken. Two of my favorite people in the world


*Aye and Miyo

*Return of the Comeback: Jorja w/ Kenneth Miyo and Marphie

*Guess who I saw lingering outside Encore? Boom, Julo, Marco and Alfie. Random!

*Nothing but love >> Anners, Nicole, Ring and Jay

*Take Deux

3 Laps in the Polo Field
-2 Laps of Jogging
-1 lap of brisk walking

194 pounds

196 pounds

-2000 and Thin

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