Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DAY 23: Free Your Mind

Any thoughts to ponder on? Hmmm... not really. Except that my body seems to be plateauing at the 205-207 pound range... I've been eating right I think... and I've been vigilant about my exercise. But for some reason, I can't seem to go below 200 as much as I work my ass off, eat right, or some days... even starve myself to death - case and point, Sunday. 

Dax keeps telling me that the victory and the reaffirmation of hitting the 200 mark is priceless... I want that feeling. I feel like I've been doing my part naman... but I dunno, there's just something about this weight range that keeps me stuck. Anyway... so I've finally moved to my new area at work and I have to admit that it will take some time getting used to. It's different but it's definitely not the same. And I don't really take to change very well. There's something about comfort zones that get me through the day. But then Donald Trump would always say... big risks... big return. So hey... maybe this is a risk that will pay off in terms of the wonders that we can achieve as a team... oh team, another term I don't really take to very well.

I've always been a one-man show though I recognize the value of a team. But I dunno, I just have that messiah complex, mamaru (mamarunong) personality that I feel that I can save the world or avert disaster. Obviously, that's not the case because I am only human and I do need help. Sometimes maybe they're not what I imagine them to be... but I do need help. Because (cue proverb)... no man is an island.

- 1 cup of Red Rice
*okay... here we go. I'm switching to Red Rice from Brown Rice. Wow, it takes like dirt but I like it.
- Sea Bass w/ Patatas Strips
*I don't really get why Nanay Josephine had to put those in... wow, was she trying to be culinary and all cuisine for a change? Okay in fair to her. But the sea bass was suuuuupppppppeeeeerrrrrrr good!

*Buried underneath that pile of yucky patatas is the culinary gem that is the sea bass. yum

- 1 Bottled Water
- 1 Palabok from Tropical Hut in MoA

*Nothing spectacular. palabok is palabok

- 1 Soymilk from Belli
- 1 Glass of Buko Juice from HB

*Amador... what an annoying face
*Look at Rina with her new 'do. That's her on the middle, flanked by Pat and Ninoy.
*Michelle and her tapsilog. Yummmm....

Today, the Monday group has welcomed new members to the cult. Welcome Lisa, Macky and Belli as we ran around the village with my friend Ida who hates being called a t******. Haha. Believe me... the word isn't scandalous, vulgar or anything. But me jogging topless would probably be. Eeew. haha

*Naks... striking a pose after a hard night's work. Good job team! I saw Mon today and I haven't seen that guy in ages. He was one of my buddies in High School, along with Raf, and we comprised the defunct MRT. Haha. He plays basketball pala in Dasma... well Jetty invited him. But that's one guy I literally haven't seen in a long time. Will definitely have a healthy dinner with him one of these days.

Family photo :) 
*Buko juice and cigs - nothing like it. And off lotion. Where will I be without you?
*How exciting is this... The cast of RENT lined up singing Seasons of Love. Wow, I can't wait for tomorrow. In the words of Barney, it's going to be legendary.

*I was in RCBC awhile ago before I had to step out to go on my Monday Group Jogging. The old me would have easily ditched exercise (not my friends)... but exercise when I feel that I have so much to do. But those are excuses... mere excuses. When there's a will, there's a way. So I made a way... step out for a bit, exercise, unwind, and then get back to work.

206 pounds

207 pounds

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