Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DAY 30: Catharsis

Yes! finally. Today is when I let go of all this emotional turmoil that's been building up inside of me and just get back on track. In fact, I feel doubly better knowing that my friends have my back, that it's perfectly normal, and maybe there really was nothing to worry about after all. A fluke? A whim? A stroke of bad luck? Or deep magic gone black? Yes... attachment is evil. The heart is evil. Sometimes you feel that there's no other thing happening, good or bad, other than the thing that you see right in front of you. You see a horizon, but you don't realize that there's outer space waiting to be discovered. There's gotta be more to life than chasing temporary highs. *Cue Stacy Orrico

I guess I chose to go down that spiral to redirect attention away from that problems I've been facing in my own life and channel it towards matters of trivial pursuits. Maybe I wanted to indulge something that I've been choosing to ignore for so long by using something else as a scapegoat. I say... shit happens. But pick up the pieces nonetheless and move on and deal. There's no sense spilling the milk that you have to tell yourself not to cry over. Don't make monsters out of boogiemen in the closet. That's child's play. And that's not what you set out to do to begin with. Keep it cool.

You are surfing the waves of reality and real life. Adjust, move forward, and keep on going - - - unless it's a well made "gwapo-mole" and it's totally forgivable to pig out at night with a diet soda and ruin a day's worth of diet. Like I always say, when the food is delicious and made from the heart, you gotta give it a shot - like I heartily do with Manay Ajja's sinfully delicious cooking. Even when I'm on a 2000 and Thin diet, I can throw it all out the window because it's that special. Food from the heart leaves a gastronomic mark, and the memory of sharing it with your loved ones makes for good emotional fodder.

Check out Mara's Blog by the way >>> http://mamasaysmercy.tumblr.com >>> Short posts about downtown Manila and some book reviews from a twenty one year old with a child's bowlcut and two upper lips.

Soon to rise... love him or hate him, someone who calls a spade a spade.

1 Bottle of Gatorade (to take away my hangover)
1 Tuna Sandwich
- That really yummy drink on the far left, or was it the one on the middle. All I can say is... yummm! Look for this in Mall of Asia. The name of the place escapes me at the moment - but it reminds of the drink I bought in the Hong Kong Airport coming home from Sapporo. Oh shoot... speaking of which, I have yet to upload those pictures. Ayayay!
- 1 Bottle of Soymilk
*but for some reason, it was lackluster and I was on the verge of puking it out.

Late Dinner
- 1 Can of Coke Zero (oh god, I haven't had "just soda w/o alcohol" in like a month)
- HB's "gwapo-mole" with lime-flavored nacho chips. Let's just say... my inner baboy came out and happily did he eat.

*How good is this, especially kung sobrang lamig? Here's a though... coke zero below zero... oh-em-eff-gee. *Haha, annoying ba?

*Gwapo-mole. Sinagad ko yan kasi sobrang sarap. For more! Activate: inner baboy


*Guess who got her haircut here? Ang gandauh

Night jogging at the Polo Field with the Monday Group minus two. Did around 2 1/4 laps na stop and go stop and go. I actually could've run some more but we just had so much kwento that we ended up leisurely walking. Next time >>> meet earlier to chat, then get to work. Haha!


202 lbs

205.5 lbs

- 2000 and Gained... but finally Happy! Now get some sleep, wake up early to exercise, then try not to be late for work.

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