Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's 1am and I'm about to leave for Batangas to shoot a Summer Campaign. Why so early? Obviously balikan lang siya. We don't have the funds to do 2-day overnight thing. So we had to roll out early in order to start early in the morning. Mobilize agad. WALAAAAAAANNNNGGG TULUUUUUGGAAAAANNNN!

I'm actually quite nervous about this whole thing. It's the first out of town shoot I conceptualized, organized, planned, and produced (with the help of the agency of course) but I was essentially the one calling all the shots for the past couple of weeks. You ever get those moments when everyone in the room is staring at you, waiting to take their cue from your directions, and you're left with silly butterflies in your stomach? I'm at the onset of one of those moments.

This time, unlike our shoot last year, I have no superior to oversee or guide me if I'm doing the right thing, or if I'm going the right direction. I guess they put a lot of trust in me and my capabilities. That's actually quite flattering. Admittedly, I'm not that much of a fashion dude though I have my tastes, magazine predilections, familiarities, and honest opinions. But I am creative. And I am an artist. And it helps that I have a ton of ideas and movies in my mind that in the long run, I'd like to be able to articulate and translate really well into proactive action. Sometimes, I get lost in my thoughts kasi because they run at lightning speed and my mouth can't seem to follow. A.D.D. much?

The project is a bit ambitious. There's a lot of things I've been trying with my line of work lately that I hadn't seen the others do before. It's a bit risque. But you've gotta have nerves of steel and shoot for stars or else you stay mediocre and become one-note all your life. I don't wanna settle for good. I wanna aspire for great. Maybe it's true... the youth today are more ambitious. They don't settle. They won't settle. They'll go for what they want because seriously, the world is their oyster and there's nothing stopping them from achieving their goals.

On top of the many things I had to do today, from picking up the clothes, to go-seeing, to fixing last minute logistics, and orienting the models, to buying last minute requirements for the shoot, I took more than an hour's trip from Mall of Asia to Dangwa to go leaf-hunting. A certain kind of leaf was essential for one of the layouts for the shoot... so I blindly told my driver to take me to Dangwa - only to find out that it was more than an hour away when I got there. And I left pa my laptop so... text nalang.

*Dangwa was pretty interesting. There's nothing really so mysterious or OLD Manila about it that you'd be able to conjure up all these images and emotions from colonial past but the recall of the place makes you just shut up and recognize. Dangwa is Dangwa. Diyan cheap ang bulaklak.


- Steak Chops
- 1 Cup of Red Rice

*Skipping breakfast and eating in the car. bad bad bad. You should never be too busy to skip a meal.

- 2 glasses of Red Wine
- 1 1/2 Cups of Laing Rice
- Tofu Sisig
- Spoonfuls of Pork Sisig w/ Egg
- 1 Barbecue
- Inihaw na Tilapia
- Forkfuls of Turon, Malagkit, Pandan Sherbet

*Right before the the food came. Smile Robbie :) He's probably getting sad that RENT is about to end. Heck, I'm getting sad too. And I'm not even part of the cast.

47 minutes of treadmill
- - - 37 minutes brisk-walking
- - - 10 minutes running
- - - this is right after my babuyan dinner.

200.5 pounds

199.5 pounds

- 2000 and THIN


  1. I want to go to Dangwa and buy myself a bouquet of random flowers. Please please, let's go? Haha

  2. ya let's go once and let's go on an adventure :)