Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DAY 45: EL Nino.

Watching Bandila now after running on the treadmill for 30 Minutes.

30 Minutes Treadmill

I've been wondering why I've been so dehydrated for these past couple of days. I'm always looking for something cold to eat or drink, and I'm always rehydrating - ergo the water weight. I actually feel bloated from all the water I've been drinking. If you didn't already know, we are at the onset of El Nino and it's gonna be pretty hot for the next couple of months, especially at the height of the summer season.

Things you have to look out for - measles. Apparently uso na ulit tong sakit na toh - and if you're anything like me who hasn't gotten measles or chicken pox yet, best stay away from kids and toddlers who are most prone to them. There are also going to be skin diseases left and right, cholera and a shortage of certain foods, hopefully not water because we're just gonna die in the coming heat. I hope this is media hype talking in traditional media lingo, or else... crap. We're doomed.


Lunch: (Yellowcab / Tatang's)
- 2 Slices of Dear Darla Pizza
- Nachos w/ Cheese
- 1 Bottle of Water
- 1 Bottle of Sola Iced Tea

This is my first time to have this. It's actually pretty good. Fattening but at least it's made of vegetables...? ? ? haha. Pathetic excuse to eat pizza. Thank God I shared with Ghed and Amador.

- 1 Small Mango-Coconut w/ Sago from Healthy Drinks in MoA
*See... dehydration. Although I should've just had a glass of water with ice.

Dinner: (Polo Club)
- 1 bottle of Subzero San Mig Light
- 7 Slices of the Piadine w/ 4 Cheese and Bacon

*Shit, the one with Apples and Salami kasi wasn't available. This is so fattening

*Papa G with his black yosi.

*Irene wearing a dress whose peacock prints can be confused with sperm. haha.

*Macky who I haven't seen in ages. We caught up over beer and a piadine in Polo. I really missed you Macky! We will have Foot Zone soon.

 *Not so naughty. Irene chowing on salad.
*Nakakalurkey. Ams with his torta and dinuguan. Not just fattening. It's also nakaka-high blood.
*This is a nice portrait of Ninoy, though he is about to indulge in lechong kawali. Naughty naughty.
*Abbey, Carlos, Jayme, Marsha and Lindy Hop with their Burger King. The naughtiest of 'em all. 

199.5 pounds

201 pounds

- 2000 and Thin

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