Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DAY 44: Goodbye - Hello 200

Today would've been a milestone in my journey to 2000 and Thin! Today, I actually hit the 199 mark - a weight I haven't touched since 2008.

I've been prancing along 200 for more than a year now, even reaching the really awful 225 pound-mark last December. So when the scale started with a Number 1 today, after jogging about 15 minutes before I had to rush off to work (I actually could've jogged longer because I ended up being so early for the calltime)... I was jumping up and down in the bathroom like some lunatic - jumping and screaming for joy and just soaking in all the hard work and effort I put into losing all this weight. Dax was right. The feeling is unlike anything you can articulate into words. It's simply... wow! Shet puta. Camon. I quickly called Christel and Manay Aj while I was on the way to work to share my momentary ecstasy. I also texted Ida who's been an awesome motivator and a huge help with our group jogging things - which reminds me, I have to thank Cristina for getting me into tennis again. I'm hooked. And seriously, I'd rather play tennis than go out to a club at night... really, nothing tastes as good as skinny.

I mean I knew I was going to go above it again today since I hadn't eaten yet when I weighed... And that was fresh off the treadmill... And I was gonna eat somehow... And the whole day, I've been so dehydrated that I've been taking in a lot of things that give you water weight. Guys do you realize? March is just around the corner. Shet ang bilis ng panahon ha.

202.5 pounds

199 pounds

201.5 pounds

*Well there you go! I end today at 201.5 pounds... just 1.5 pounds short of the 200 Mark. Today, I also commence the race to 175 pounds with Rev who is treading the same 200 - 199 mark. Bring it on brotha. The winner gets a lunch at Sofitel Buffet. And a one-way ticket back to 200. Haha!

- 1 cup of red rice
- Gindara

- Mais Con Yelo from Tatang's...

*Well there you go. This explains why I'm 201.5 pounds again. I got overwhelmed by the heat so I resorted to all these icy food and drinks. I should've just had a cold glass of water instead of this fattening dessert.

- 1 Medium Lychee-Mango shake w/ milk
- 1 Plateful of complimentary food in our General Assembly today

*Maybe I should've have eaten this. Nagpadala kasi ako kay Natalie and Ams eh. They were like... you have to eat because we'll be stuck in the GA til 10pm. True enough... we were there 'til 10. And i was able to control my appetite and hunger. Maybe I should've have eaten this nalang, and just stuck to the fruit shake with milk.


at the Men's Fashion GA at One E-Com

*It's the MFMC team! Slamdunk 2010.

*Chris Tiu (not the basketball player) and Amador

*Natalie looks on to the MFMC basketball video. My line was the cheesiest of them all I think... Teamwork makes the dream work! Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. Sobrang cheesy

*The NU Cheering Squad were our guest performers. Awesome job guys!

*Na-miss ko tuloy Bring it on!

*You gotta hand it to my Nokia N95. Crap as it is now with the scotch tape holding the back and all, the pics I take for this blog are quite decent.

*Catch me I'm fallin... fallin fast again.

*Congrats guys. And congrats to the organizers of this GA. Tomorrow is Part 2 - classroom style. Hello college! I have two presentations pa. And I have an article due. Patay.

Ika nga ni Kuya Germs... walaaaaannnngggg... tuluuuuuugaaaaaaannnnn!!!!

- 2000 and Thin!