Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DAY 38: Paradigm Shift

So my weight has been see-sawing for the past, I dunno, two weeks. I've reached my lowest in almost eight months of being wayyyyy bloated, which is 203, only to shoot up to 210, and back. Not as close, but pwede narin...

207 pounds

204.5 pounds

I sealed the deal at 204.5 pounds. Didn't have dinner. And was able to clock in the following exercise:

1 hour in the treadmill (record-breaking)
- composed of 20 minutes running
- 40 minutes brisk walking

*while watching Fame! Fame! I'm gonna live forever. There were so many quotable quotes from the movie. I just couldn't write it down in the middle of running and my flabby-ass body bouncing all over the place.
*Super nice movie though! I didn't get to finish it though since I could only jog for an hour. And since Jocelyn was so into it, I didn't wanna stop the film naman and finish it here in my room. So I ended up leaving it playing in the family hall for her to watch!

*Today is the day i got my new ID. It's official - I've made my first inter-company transfer for administrative purposes. The new ID is symbolic of so many new things happening to me in my so-called corporate career. The family has been dispersed. And I'm definitely out of my comfort zone. I'm more exposed now. Not so much as alone because I have a lot of friends and acquaintances in my area. But now it's like... different. I dunno... I can't explain it. bah

*Cue music: Outkast, "Ain't nobody dope as me... I'm just so fresh so clean (so fresh and so clean, clean)"

*Cue music: Michelle Branch, "Could you look me in the eye? And tell me that you're happy now... ohhhhh" haha.

*Side by Side: Youth and Lil Mr. Sunshine... a shadow of the past... vis-a-vis... jaded SOB

Anyway, diet-wise, I sorta had a pseudo cheat day today...

- Bottled Water
- 1 Quarter Pounder Burger from Mc Donalds

*Two of the best things in the world: A Quarter Pounder and the New Issue of Status Magazine. Yum-my!

- None

- 1 Cup of Red Rice
- Tanique Steak with Onions

*So good... and I'm really starting to fall in love with red rice. White rice just disgusts me now and brown rice, I can't even imagine eating. I love red rice. Red, red, red, i want my red. ngek. corny.

- none

 *Haha. Someone's eating quarter pounder with fries... Can you guess who owns this soooooo-not-fat silhouette?

- 2000 and Thin (not me... but the guy in the picture)

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