Thursday, February 11, 2010


crud... i'm starting to feel the ramifications of skipping meals. My metabolism has slowed down immensely. I can't even just binge for one night and not gain five pounds in one sitting. Well, awful me, I've been night binging for three nights now - which is why my 203-205 range has led me to this...

206 pounds

207.5 pounds

My diet has been a bit off... and i'm trying to double up on my exercise but maybe my body has adjusted to the time and energy I spend exercising that it's no longer cutting it. Maybe I should up the intensity. I'm starting to feel the bulge. 

I feel bigger, fatter, and more bloated than I have been for the past few weeks of treading the 203-205 range. It's all the late night eating... I should just be a hermit or something. Haha! Or go back to my one beer a night diet.

- 1 cup of red rice
- Sweet and Sour Pork

- None

- None

Late Dinner (after Tennis) at like 930pm
- 1 Glass of Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea from Mary Grace
- Cream Dory Pasta
- Salad with Olive Dressing

*okay no wonder I gained weight today... I skipped two meals and binged late night.

*How good is this? Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea. At that point, the glass was standing on top of an embedded note behind the glass table saying... Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea is the most refreshing thing to drink during the summer. So true. And summer is coming... so i'll be coming here a lot when I'm parched.

*Olive salad with chicken and cheese.

*Shoot I only really wanted the creamy dory. I didn't know it came with the pasta. Obviously I finished it because my self-discipline has been waning these past few days. Gotta get back in the zone!

-1 hour of tennis (rallying + 2 sets)
-It's not yet at that intensity I want it to be but it's nice playing with a friend. Cris and I will train very hard to qualify for the tournament and have our faces sprawled on the champion's wall in the sports lounge. haha.

1-6 (we scored two sets. haha. getting better!)

*after which of course, I had a late dinner. If only the Sports Lounge was open, I would've had a salad nicoise and just water... but no. After dinner... I rested for a bit and decided to exercise again.

-40 minutes in the treadmill (30 minutes walking + 10 minutes running)
*while watching the American Idol replay at 11pm.

And after all this exercise, I still managed to be 207.5 pounds at the evening weigh-in.
Crap. Crap. Crap.

- 2000 and Will Try My Best to Take a Crap to go down to 206

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