Thursday, February 18, 2010

DAY 39: From Zara with Love

I'm trying to recall the last time I shopped for clothes in Zara... not shoes... but clothes... clothes that usually come in small sizes (well smaller than the typical American size) and are very relentless and unforgiving towards those of us on the corpulent side... oh yes, it was that time I was interning for Senator Jinggoy Estrada (who I love and admire with all my heart by the way) in 2008, at 180 pounds, when I could comfortably fit into Large.

Since I was going to be reporting to the Senate four days a week, I had to look proper and decent - ergo the wardrobe overhaul. That was the last time I shopped at Zara because since then, I've gained a ton of weight and I could no longer fit into Zara sizes. Thank god my feet don't get that fat...

Bored over lunch today, I decided to head to MOA to buy myself a new top since a lot of the ones i've been wearing are becoming loose. Uuuy... in fair. To my surprise, nagkasya ako sa XL. I'm really digging this denim on denim look, denim from head to toe. It was still a bit tight though so I ended up not buying it... but I just can't believe nagkasya ako sa XL after a year I think? I'll give it 10 more pounds before I buy this top!!! Now, I'm more determined than ever to lose all this excess weight.

*This is me at 180 pounds with my friend Jowee who also interned for Jinggoy.

- 2 pcs. hotdog
- Fried Egg white
- 1 cup of red rice

*I love waking up and starting my day early. I get so much stuff done that I end up getting to eat breakfast and not being late for work... for the first time for the month of February. I know... ang kapal noh. I should start taking time and punctuality more seriously. How am I ever going to survive in New York if I'm always like this?

- 1 cup of red rice
- Tofu Steak from Teriyaki Boy (take-out)

*This is so good. I can eat this everyday. Hmmmm... maybe I'll get this again tomorrow. You should try this too. And it tastes even better when paired with red rice... yum!

- 1 bottle of soymilk

*Thank god Derrick swung by the area and made yaya to eat. I was dying of boredom already... I love hanging out with my work family. There's no place like home.

Late Dinner:
- 1 1/2 angus slider from that burger joint in Serendra
- 1/2 plate of salad

*Crap. Sinful. I shouldn't have eaten this anymore... Note... I only had 1 1/2 angus sliders.
*Double crap. They have takeout. Best if I didn't get the number so less temptation. Ang sarap lang kasi.

2 hours of tennis. I seriously could've played longer since I was getting so into it. Guess what our score was?

1 Set Only:   6 - 7 in favor of me and Cris! woot woot! Our goal was to score 3, a point higher than our previous batting average. But we totally ran away with the match. Getting better!

*I dunno if the trainers were being kind to us. But hey... I think it's coz we've been training really hard, and we're able to rally and return the balls. This is the time to think inside the box. Haha. We'll keep working 'til our pictures are on the champion's wall in the Sports Lounge. 

* Someone is out for vengeance. Derrick ready to attack the footlong.  

204. 5 pounds

204. 5 pounds
*I probably would've been lighter if I didn't have the burger tonight. Sayang

- 2000 and Thin

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