Friday, February 12, 2010

DAY 33: Uh Oh... We're in Trouble

207 pounds

210.5 pounds

What happened? 

Well today, Ate and I decided to cook for mom since it's gonna be her birthday in a few days, and you know... nothing can tantamount good food and the labor, effort, and love that goes into preparing it - especially when one of them sucks big time and doesn't know what the shit he's doing.

I mean seriously... What do you get a gal who has everything? We tried giving her stuff we thought she wanted before... but no one can ever tell what mom wants except her. So last year, Manoy Ipe, Ate and I decided to go a different approach - don't give her something we think she wants. Give her something she needs. Last year, we gave her GCs to Foot Zone coz she loves Foot Zone. And she used every last bit of it. This year, we gave her GCs to her derma para talagang sulit na sulit yung gift. Especially since she's roasting under the Pangasinan sun all-day, working hard to beat the bleep out of her opponent, the more she has watch out for her personal grooming.

(Umm... thunder thighs much? Lipo na. That's Ate's new baby Gabi, sitting on my thunder thigh. To my left is Isabella aka Bratty-bella because she's the cutest lil' brat I know... and of course Birthday Girl... well sa 15 pa actually).

So Ate and I decided to cook for mom as a sort of pre-birthday surprise and labor of love. Since mom is leaving again for Pangasinan on Saturday, tonight was our only chance to have an intimate celebration with her. She's throwing a major thing on the 15th and the INA members are taking her to lunch.

Now, we're not the best chefs. I'm pretty much useless in the kitchen, and I only survived before because Manoy Ipe was the head chef and I was nakiki-eksena, drinking wine while he cooked for my friends the super high maintenance but super yummy spaghetti bolognese.

Dinner turned out great by the way. Thanks Manay Ajja for the awesome recipes!

- 1 Cup of Red Rice
- Egg
- 2 pcs. Longganisa (from Mc Donalds)
- 1 Cup of Orange Juice

- 1 Bottled Water
- 4 pcs. Shu-Mai from Yoshinoya

Pre-Dinner (while cooking):
- 15 pcs. Penne (yes I kept picking on the penne coz that's what I do)
-   5 pcs. Prosciutto
-   3 slices of gruyere cheese

Dinner (w/ Birthday Girl)
- 3 servings of the pasta I cooked (I'm so glad mom and Ate liked it).
- 1 Bowl of Ate's Clam Soup
- 1 serving of Ate's Salad w/ Shiitake Mushrooms
- 1/2 Slab of the steak we cooked
- 1/2 Slab of Kobe Steak that mom made our cook cook coz our steak was so hard. haha

*Presenting what I cooked: Creamy Penne Pasta w/ Prosciutto, Roasted Chest Nuts, Parsley, Sun-dried Tomatoes, and Chopped Chicken Breast

*Prosciutto is pretty easy to chop. And the nuts were easy to roast. Ummm ... well duh, you just stir it on a pan.

*Ok pahirap na ng pahirap. I had to slice all that... clueless as I was...

*This was the supposed to be the sahog of the pasta. But obviously I put too much sun-dried tomatoes and the chicken got so dry... so upon mom's suggestion, I added two tetra-packs of Nestle Cream. Added like a mound of butter, seasoned with salt and pepper, and the dish turned out to be pretty spectacular. Sayang... Sana I didn't nalang munch on all the sauceless penne... I went into dinner pretty full already. Sayang shet.

*Thanks Manay Ajja for the awesome recipes - if I only had your cooking skills. Thanks to improvisation, I was able to salvage a painfully dry chicken and overcooked sun-dried tomatoes. Mother really knows best.

*In concert, the fruits of mine and Ate Carissa's labor... served on tableware that have never been used because they're too precious according to mom. Well, we have to use them sometime. This was the perfect occasion for it.

30 Minutes Running on the Treadmill
  5 Minutes Walking on the Treadmill

*and yet I still managed to land at 210.5 pounds. God imagine what my weight would've been if I didn't muster the energy to jog at night

Naka ID pa talaga eh noh?

AND EARLIER AT WORK>>> Naughty Naughty

*Ang laki lang ng forehead ni Amador. Haha. That's him eating the beef gyodon + beef yakiniku combo from Yoshinoya, with his big gulp from 7-11.

*Channeling a mix of Ninoy and Pat in this picture. Ams with his Dairy Queen Ice Cream.

- 2000 and Thin

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