Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today is mom's birthday! Yey! Happy Birthday GPV! Ya we have this habit of calling people here by their initials. I call dad JDV. Ate Leslie calls him J... coz she's a New Yorker that way. Haha. And well... mom is mummy. But sometimes I call her GPV.

Anyway, I totally lost my diet today. Just when I was doing so well... something always comes up, ruins my momentum, and then I can't seem to control my appetite, and then I finally give in. I remember after jogging in Polo yesterday, I weighed in the Locker Room, and I was totally 203 pounds. Shet imagine that? But then I drank so much water and then headed to QC to eat Manay Ajja's yummy food in bulk that I capped the night off at 207.

Today, I let myself go again with the uber buffet in the house (though not as much), but more on the alcohol, and so I end Day 37 of 2000 and See-Saw with...

207 pounds

209.5 pounds

Arghhh why is it so difficult to drop down to 200 pounds? I am faaaaaar from achieving my goals. And I should double up on the dieting and the exercise tomorrow... for sure. Gaaahhh so frustrating.

1 Serving of Yang Chow Fried Rice
2 Servings of Corned Beef
1 Donut from Dunkin Donuts

*OMG. WHAT A WAY TO START THE DAY. Mother Marie, Ate Dar and Pam decided to serve us a post-valentine's breakfast during our marketing status meeting. And the food was just unbelievably good. Maybe also coz it was consumed in good company - of old family that's been dispersed throughout the building but family nevertheless.

*So good. Congratulations by the way to one of my work buddies Pat Gaerlan - who is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend Attorney! Congrats guys!


- 6 pcs. siomai from Hen Lin
- 1 cup of brown rice
- 1 sliver of strawberry tikoy

*Hay nako... why did I decide to open my baon pa kasi eh? It's Amador's fault. We ended up sharing the siomai, a few hours before I had to go home to a dinner. Damnit. Sayang sa calories. Buti nalang I'm jogging with sina Ida tomorrow... and I will squeeze in a jog in the morning.

- 1 Serving of Puto Bungbong (Yum)
- 1 Lechon Skin
- 1/2 slab of Grilled Steak
- Pika-pika of Lechon Baka (One bite is all it takes to go on a downward binge)

*It's not so bad right? Wait there's more... (dito ata ako nadadli)

1 Glass of Malibu Rum w/ Sprite
3 Glasses of Red Wine
1 San Mig Light (which I had later had in Gram's Diner)

*stupid stupid stupid alcohol.


Sige lang... purgahin mo yung lechon.

*Tito Teddy Boy with Tita Conchitina and Tito Lani Bernardo, and Tito Bombit.

Seeing the Bernardos again brought back such bittersweet memories. They hosted our family in Madrid after my sister passed away in 2004. We flew to Madrid to recuperate from the tragedy and they were so kind and willing to have us in their home. Bitter because it brought back bad memories that were so difficult to overcome, but Manoy JM and I reminisced on how we butchered the hamon habugo that was just sitting pretty in their dining area and inhaled all of it.

We'd actually sneak down in the middle of the night and slice those into crackers, topped with manchego cheese, and eat away selfishly. We finished a whole leg - only to find out later on that a whole leg costs about 1000 Euros. Kapal! Shet tangena. Kababuyan.

*Mom with her friends. I only recognize Tita Joanne who's been such a good friend of mom's and the family's. She's also writing mom's book which should come out by next year. Watch out for that :)

*The sinful uber buffet. Kare-kare!

*Tita Celie Wong, Tita Lorna Capunan, Mom with Mama Nene, and Tita Chona Ampil

*Princess Auntie Bechay! Haha. I love her! She also made her signature sweet corn.

*Kenneth swung by also after his RCBC event and we caught up over wine before we were joined by Ate Carissa, Ed, and Fern. Fern is such a character. I'm always so entertained when he's around. He's also like the King of Tali, and apparently, according to him, that Carlos Celdran dude is a regular of the Tali Scene. Haha. Gotta love him!
*I headed to Gram's Diner in Rockwell to catch the gang who just got out of Valentine's Day. I couldn't join 'coz it was Mom's birthday dinner (even if I felt so O.P.) thank God Manoy JM was there, and Ken also followed. I also got to bond with Gabbi who is just the cutest thing. She was being put to sleep by her yaya in my room. Sooooooo cute and sooooo precious.

- 2000 and Thin

p.s. So excited for the Film-Maker Issue of Status Magazine. I interviewed and wrote an article on Marc Webb, the guy who directed (500) Days of Summer. Awe-some! Get your copy on Wednesday!

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