Friday, February 26, 2010


Today was probably one of the longest days of my life. Today was my out of town shoot that I've been organizing non-stop for the past couple of weeks. Left the house at around 240am in order to make the 3am calltime in Magallanes. Obviously, I couldn't afford to sleep anymore; lest I might have overslept and woken up to a thousand missed calls and a lot of angry faces. I only had about two to three hours sleep in total on the way and coming back, and since it was a huuuuuuge day for me - problems came abound that usually come in threes.

  1. Transpo Problems = not enough vans for the team. problem solved eventually. thankfully, I found a spare van.
  2. Board Shorts = a lot were pulled out but only a few were included in the box when I picked up the items from the branch. I should've gone through it instead of just trusting management. Palpak.
  3. Beach = we had some problems initially with the guards of Terrazas de Punta Fuego and had to do some guerilla shooting by the rocks until it was finally resolved. I was trying my best not to blow up on this security guy, who in fairness to him was really calm and respectful but was essentially wasting our time while the sun was at its perfect state, arguing about how we're not allowed to shoot when we were already allowed yesterday. We were able to come into a settlement eventually.
Wow, I'm actually learning how to become a manager. I'm learning how to solve problems on my own though i still need my superiors and colleagues' help from time to time. But with regards to the shoot, I didn't have anyone with me that day... and i'm doubly proud of myself for everything I've accomplished so far. I have a good feeling about this one! Watch out for it all over the metro come in March.

I also realized that I'm blessed to have a job that allows me to be wacky, creative and pursue ideas that are otherwise... hmmm... too out there for most people. I'm not bound by fear; rather, I am fueled by my gut instinct, creativity, bold moves, and bold decisions. We had an excellent team today and I am looking forward to seeing the marvelous output by the creative agency.

Breakfast: (JOLLIBEE)
- 1 Cup of Sinangag White Rice
- 2 Pcs. Longganisa
- 1 Poached Egg
- 1 Cup of Hot Chocolate

*ang dami lang.

- 4 pcs. Torta w/ Ketchup
- 2 Cups of White Rice
- 1 Cheese Roll from Mary Grace

*parang di ka pa ba nabusog from Breakfast. Shet. Pag-beach nga naman talaga oh... you end up eating more.


*And I should've ended at that note... but no.

Midnight Snack: (Manila Pen)
- 2 Bottled Water
- Caesar Salad with Egg, Croutons, and Grilled Chicken Breast

*This is what killed me. As if I hadn't already eaten a shitload the whole day I was in Batangas. Plus, I must be really bloated from all the water weight I gained from all the water I drank.. This El Nino season is terrible.


Joan's spur of the moment idea. Shot here with David.
*Arlen takes a pose.
*Ms. Ressie looking all jolly and pa-cute! haha.
*We love Archie!
*Hanging out by the veranda.
*Supermodel pa rin ang dating ni Joan, kahit tumatambay lang.
*Summer Bound!
*Eto na naman tayo! Dikitan at dutdutan sa dingding. Haha. I love it!
*Color Saturation.
*Geo, Archie, and Mikey - good job guys!
*Celebration Dip! Sans everybody else. Pag model nga naman, ang dali lang maghubad.

*Photo Check

*Pong, Dong, and Harold - our amazing videographers. Thanks for hooking me up Vicky!

*Rare Moment: Jo striking her famous hunchback pose. Haha.
*Me and Jo!
*Me with my beloved family from the agency... Ressie and Ewa. I'm gonna miss them so much - can't believe this is our last shoot together. Shet. It's not gonna be the same na talaga. Everything is changing and I don't know why.


199.5 pounds

203 pounds
- 2000 and Thin

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