Monday, February 15, 2010

DAY 36: Valentine's Finish Line

Valentine's is officially over. And I got through it... as a single guy. loud and proud. Nothing to it. It was all in my head after all - the loneliness and the idea of being alone on a stupid Holiday that commemorates and celebrates the construct and illusion that is love. Looking back at the mental olympics I went through... sheesh. Not worth it.

When you're sooooooo caught up on the idea of being without a love on Valentine's, the idea gets so big inside your head that you end up wallowing in your misery, as though you've already situated yourself in some form of mental prison - replaying worst case scenarios and shouldawouldacouldas and arguments on how you're supposed to have a special someone when actually, who made that rule anyway?

You end up anticipating your own demise, over and over again, and you're stuck. I say... when you're stuck, lose some weight because maybe the path to love is too narrow for your bulge to penetrate. Haha. No but kidding aside, I say, catch yourself and look your demon right in the eye. Nothing to it. Plain and simple. Valentine's is Valentine's. Live and let live. Some enjoy it, couples enjoy it, singles do not, or they do when they have strength in numbers. Today, I didn't have the strength in numbers - but I sure did have the strength in myself. So kanya kanya lang... heck if there was a St. Theater's Day, i'll probably be one of a select few who will actually celebrate it and people will be like, what the fuzz anyway?

Thankfully today, I had a very productive day - instead of eating my heart out and emotional eating, I was able to clean out my stack of magazines - which has been piling up over the past months - and even managed to chubs the cobwebs hanging underneath the shelf right next to the magazine stack.

Yes, I'm a magazine whore. I dunno... I just love flipping through 'em pages, getting a whiff of that crisp, intoxicating scent of a magazine, and being visually engaged by the stunning photography, work, and passion that go in and out of it. I wouldn't mind working full-time for a magazine actually - though I know for a fact that there's no money in there. You do it for the love - unless of course you own the magazine or you're some big-shot executive calling the shots.

*See... All clean! Got the latest issue of Elle on the top left from Polo. And I have yet to read the Obey book I bought from Trilogy ages and ages back. I haven't even taken it out of the plastic yet... See... this is what I get for being addicted to TV series...

Anyway, I was also able to catch up on my series, and was able to catch two DBD movies whilst I fulfilled my chores. Yes... movies that I bought more than a month ago when Pish was still here but never really found the time for. Today, I saw It's Complicated starring Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep, and Where the Wild Things Are... finally after raving about it for so many months now. It was even an inspiration for some of the marketing things we'll be doing this year. That is of course... confidential.

Today, I was also able to do some jogging before dinner and cousin bonding at Corinthians. 
4 Laps around the Polo Field (2.5 Laps Running+1.5 Laps Brisk Walking) - I think I could've gone even longer. My mind was getting the best of me, and I kept telling myself I was tired na. Hindi ko na kaya. Well, during those times that I supposedly was, I kept pushing - kahit na feeling ko baka bumalik yung lagnat. 

it's like I emancipated myself from a mental prison of "not being able to run that long" to "running past my limits." Breakthrough indeed. I like what Tita Joce said over our bonding session after dinner. I am the type of person who is able to catch himself and be aware of the emotions that go through him, so much so that when that person is heading towards a downwards spiral, he can easily catch himself and get wind of what's really happening. That's good! Thank you God for that - that I'm actually capable of finding a balance between living in the now and thinking of the future. 

(none) - despite waking up early

- 2 Forkfuls of each of the Pasta i ordered from Pastelleria's Trittico Special

(from left to right - Spaghetti Agli Olio, Spaghetti Bolognese, Spaghetti Vongole) - all super yummy. and since I couldn't decide on which pasta I wanted to taste, I decided to get the Trittico which entitles you to a sampler portion of three pastas of your choice. Awesome right?

Dinner (Manay Ajja cooked! Yehey!)
- 1 Bowl of French Onion Soup
- 1 Plate of Caesar Salad w/ Pepper Crusted Bacon Strips (so good)
- 2 Servings of Manay Ajja's pasta with prosciutto and bacon bits
- Sea Bass
- Slivers of Nanay Muray's yucky steak
- 1 Cup of Buko Sherbet
- A forkful of the Spaghetti Bolognese I brought na tira from lunch.

*Kiss the cook. Manay Ajja poses by her plated Caesar Salad. Note: The chopped Romaine Lettuce is contained within a huge crispy one. I love Manay Ajja's cooking. It's so far from the food here at home.

*Salad row. on the bottom pala is deep fried steak fat which I kinda nibbled on. haha.

*Up-close. See what I mean? Yummmmy
*French onion soup.

*Manay Ajja's to die for pasta with San Remo noodles, her sea bass which I inhaled so fast, and Nanay Muray's shitty steak which oddly enough, is shaped like shit. haha

*Oh guess who I saw pala after dinner at Tita Joce's? Manoy Jodes! Haha. He answered the door when I rang the doorbell. I was wonderfully surprised - and I sure as hell wasn't expecting to see him. I ended up ranting to him about my emotional pickle and Manoy, being the ever-reliable rock, was all ears :) Thanks for putting things into perspective for me Manoy. That's him cooking laing with egg.

205 pounds

207 pounds
*Not bad... after everything I ate. God is good.

- 2000 and Thin

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