Saturday, February 20, 2010

DAY 41: The Lightning Thief

Yesterday, I caught the the last showing of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in Greenbelt with Christel who recently got back from a 5-day sojourn in Bora. Woah. She's hella black - like Amazona black, officially dethroning Mia circa 2004 who was blacker than black. I saw her walking towards my car and I could literally see a floating pair of white shorts walking towards me. Haha. Welcome back bourg! Or rather, welcome black :)
Saw tons of people in Greenbelt. Saw Brian and some of my workmates who were there for a despedida for Jayme, my workmate who happens to be PIneds' little brother. The world is really small. Who would've thought that we'd end up working in the same place, more so, the same department?

Yesterday was also one of those stressful work days where you wish it'd be over as early as the jump-off. Got into some heated arguments with some work colleagues (all work-related of course, nothing personal) and was juggling so many things at the same time that I couldn't just shoot ahead and get things going. I could've used an extra set of hands, and more time actually since I dunno... I seem to be doing so much in so little time. I only have one body and a set of hands. And I actually care... I care enough to sense the urgency of things that need to be done, and not just give a sigh of "oh well..."

Watching FAME the other day, a line really caught my attention and it's stayed with me ever since.

"There's a fine line between annoying and fearless." I guess you can say I'm fearless because I'm not afraid to make a stand, or voice out, or stand up for what I think is right. But sometimes, I just become really annoying to other people, and even to myself. I guess I get away with a lot of things - but just because I do, it doesn't give me the license to keep having that frame of mind. It's not the same in all places - and sometimes, protocol is protocol, and there's no such thing as... making pacutesy-patoosy your way out of things.

- Brown Fried Rice w/ Chorizo

- Wheat Pasta w/ Eggplant

- Medium Cheddar Cheese Popcorn
- Large Lemonade


*I also saw REP's Romeo and Bernadette last night. Nice lil' show which I reckon is difficult to pull off. I mean from the accent, to the 4-5-6 part harmonies that seemed effortless on the talented cast. It's a cute concept for a show, and it's nice seeing Ken take the stage again. The guy can actually really sing. And his songs were pretty difficult. I sat behind Happy and the guys from SPIT, and we were all A.S.A.P.-clapping during curtain call, and every time Ken would take to the stage. Congrats buddy. And also to PJ, Liesl my love,  Red, and the other members of the cast.

204.5 pounds

206.5 pounds

-2000 and THIN


  1. I think Mia was still darker than me, actually, I'm not sure anymore. We can put it this way, she's bush baby black and I can be brown sugar. Nyahahaha!

  2. brown sugar.... hahahahaha. oh bourg! have fun in ponti :S i'm calling it quits tonight