Monday, February 22, 2010

DAY 43: Get Your Groove Back

Just got back from Mongkok where the RENT team had their post 3rd weekend celebration. Sold-out shows left and right, people clamoring for more shows and more tickets. My friend Belli who's like the biggest RENT fan and has already seen the show twice wants to watch it again. Wow, I can't believe the third weekend is over and next weekend will be the last. I'm sure it will be really emotional for everyone - I can already see it. Tears in every song... each song having an added personal layer of sorts... and the cast just coming to life, and actualizing the show tune... "No Day But Today!" Where the hell did February go? Yun na yun... Matatapos na ang RENT. Wedding Singer naman. shet.

In the meantime, I will set aside muna this whole detachment phase of mine. No being on top of yourself. No being detached. No fear of being overcome by temporary sadness which is the doting mistress of happiness. No day but Today. Just seize the moment, live in the moment, let your inner light shine, and enjoy it while it lasts. This production only comes once in a blue moon so better make the most of it. And sure there are certain barriers... but don't typecast it for the painful limitations; instead, seize it and recognize it for the upsides, the emotional rollercoaster, and the beautiful possibilities.

- 1 Cup of White Rice
- Palm Corned Beef

Merienda: (at POLO)
- Grape Shake
- Piadine w/ Apples, Salami, Arugula, and Mozarella 

*see, told you I was gonna have it again. Not seen on this blog is Christel who joined me for an afternoon hang by the breeze. I love Polo on a Sunday. It's so understated and calm. And it's breezy too. It was also nice  just having a friend to vent out your frustrations out to. 2010 is the year we get back our sovereignty.

Dinner/ Alcohol: 
- 1 Cup of The Bar w/ Sprite
- 1/2 Cup of The Bar

1 Hour of Tennis

*I played singles this time around... rallied for about 30 minutes... then played two sets. Wow I'm really out of shape. I was hitting the ball good... I was running... I was rallying. But my feet have become so heavy from the time I first started playing tennis... I was panting about 5 games into the first set. I ended up scoring...

6-1   in favor of my opponent. Gotta work on my stamina so I can keep up with these seasoned trainers. I don't want to be some fat blog running around in circles.

Sights and Sounds:

Guess who visited us today? Ate Carissa's second daughter Gabbi... looking all cute and fluffy :) She's getting baptized next Saturday.

Isabella looking all tired and ready to pass out. Doesn't she look like one of those Japanese porcelain dolls?

*Guess who's back from Korea and totally missed my show last night? Mom! Ayayay! Would've wanted to have shared my success with them. But oh well. It was nice catching up with her before the kiddies came. Was telling her kanina, among other things, that I'm seriously considering moving to New York before the end of the year. I should maybe start applying for schools as early as now... I need a change of setting already.


*Batboy reunion! It's Lil Miss Tracy Turnblad from ATLANTIS' Hairspray who is about to go to law school. I love it! Madel will make such an interesting lawyer. She reminds me of that girl from Drop Dead Diva. Haha!  Joined here by Jon-jon :)

*Madel (aka the Black Chinese Filipina, Senorita) with Gabe who came to see the show :) Long time no see Gabe! Of course, I totally pimped out my weightloss blog to him. He also wants to lose about 25 pounds... Let's go 2000 and Thin!

*Guess who watched RENT? Gab who is in a cast and crutches... again. Sister Act, is that you? Finally he had his foot operated on. Joined here by Madel, Jumbo, Katlog, and their friends from Ateneo.

*From left to right... It's THE Oj Mariano (haha!)... sooooooo talented. He always make me cry... Teena, Jon-jon, Rols aka Papa S aka Sam Milby, Sunds, Johann, Doc Gary, Joms and Peachy who looking all perky in the picture. ayayay.

*Peachykins with her new dolly... named Polo. Haha! the gals in the cast got super cute teddy bears today, wearing a red shirt or a red dress with hearts on it. Moooo with me.

*Robbie, Peachy, Anna, Gian, Nicole, Cara, AJ, Doc Gary, with fans of the show :)

AT MONGKOK (here comes the hard part...)

As everyone ate to their heart's content, I stared at the food and slapped myself on the wrist. And ya, people were like, try a little, kahit konti lang. The thing is... if I take one bite, it becomes a downward spiral. I'm so close to 200. I can't stop now.

*Aj who plays the fabulous Angel joined by Cara who alternates with Nicole as Mimi, and Micah

*Sundee, Carlos aka Steak, and Jon-jon having a feast... while I had... nothing! wahhh

*Anna who's part of the cast with our executive producer Santi. Hats off to you man. Oh and speaking of hat's off...

*Cap hair! Yung iba diyan, uma-anime, F4. From the root word... uma

*The cast and team enjoying fried rice, fried noodles, and all the yummiest Chinese Food. Naughty naughty - especially at 12 midnight. Thank God for Mark, Alys, Johann and Santi who were kind of enough to smoke with me outside. Seriously... smokers and smoking get you through your the diet when the going gets tough...

204.5 pounds

202 pounds
*pota shit! 2 pounds nalang... let's go...

-2000 and Thin!

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