Sunday, February 21, 2010

DAY 42: Black Magic

Today was a breakthrough of sorts. I actually hit the 202.5 mark, only to gain it back after all the alcohol I drank tonight... but still... I will diet to the max tomorrow and jog at the polo field, if not play tennis for at least two hours.

202.5 pounds

204.5 pounds

*The RENT cast in Seasons of Love. They were fucking awesome! I was so thrilled to have seen the show again after two weeks of not seeing it. And today was also my show... so all those months of hard work selling tickets and promoting it finally paid off. Imagine watching it everyday for a week during Tech Week, then not seeing it at all the whole of last week 'coz I was sick, and well, I was taking a RENT break to get back in the work zone. I can't afford to be distracted when there's so much to do, with so few hands, and in so little time. And also, if you're immersed in a show that talks about the exciting bohemian life, and you wake up everyday to the corporate world, it kind of strikes a discord. And you end up lost.

Today, I felt so harassed because I was bogged down by work stuff and it's supposedly my day-off. I could've been taking it easy, sleeping in, playing tennis, getting a haircut, preparing for my RENT show tonight, and just be leisurely for once.... but no. Unfortunately, I had a shoot to fix for Thursday - and it's an out of town shoot so logistics are bloody unnerving. I'm excited about this though... I feel like this is going to be our best one yet. I can't wait to see the output since I have an awesome team behind me. And we're just so chill that the magic instantly happens on set when creative minds synergize and let loose without fear. Well a little fear...

All the planning and the additional pullout however disabled me from eating a proper breakfast and lunch... I was without food for the most part of the day until after I played tennis in Polo. ergo, slower metabolism... and the potential to binge at night.



Piadine from Polo w/ Mozarella Cheese, Apples, and Salami


Late Dinner/Alcohol:
- 1 cup of bacon-corn soup from Cafeteria
- 1/2 glass of red wine
- 1 San Mig Light
- 1 shot of Patron from Birthday Girl Bianca Desales

- Cristina eating salpicao at the Sports Lounge after we play a sucky game of tennis. Haha.

- Chris, Gians, and Derrick who came out in support of RENT! Yey! Gotta love him! He's my buddy for life.
- BTW, I miss you Gians! And you're looking so thin and hot! I love it!

*Cristina all dolled up with Lisa aka Lil' Miss Sunsilk

*Christel looking all tanned.
*Talented in our own way. Maybe not as good a singer... but in other things, we're golden! I look bloated here though. Maybe it's the top. Or maybe I'm just really bloated.

*Cristina, Christel, and Mela - hot mommas. After RENT, Cris and I headed to cafeteria to get a light dinner, and decided to join sina Christel and Mela who were at Amber. It was a pretty fun night. Thanks Gab for getting us in. He literally plucked us out from obscurity and made it work. Awesome.

*Though in retrospect, I've been realizing that going out is not my thing anymore. I just wanna stick to what I wanna do, my real friends and my passion.

*Dustin and Cathy - who were super late for the show. Haha. Pinoy na pinoy.

*Jetty and Jessica :) Jetty by the way will leave a comment in one of my blog entries as proof that he actually reads. Haha!
*We love Papa P who is the truest socialite of them all.

*Igol and Julo sporting a new 'do. Nice one Julo! It looks good on you!

1 hour, 30 minutes of tennis
*I should invest more time next time on rallying...

*Dax happily eating the free ice cream from last night's show of RENT. Naughty naughty.

*Anyway, today... I dunno. It's back again. Black Magic. Deep Magic - consuming me. It doesn't help to unload on your closest and most trusted friends. It only makes it worse - when you repeat and replay it in your head over and over again. Arghhh... why? Why must this happen? It's not like I want it to happen but it happened. God, please knock some sense into my head that it's a worthless cause. worthless. and pointless.

- 2000 and Frazzled

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