Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Black magic has passed. I'm happy to say that I'm happy again and I'm no longer in a cloud of insecurity and depression and confusion. It came with a price though...

206.5 pounds

208 pounds

*Yup... I'm starting to feel a bulge alright. I had to load up I guess to speed up the de-black magic-zation of my life. Food is a comfort zone and I'm an emotional eater. So I was able to eat my sorrows away and catharsis it right out with the help of reliable friends. 

Can you guess where I was today?

*Huh? What? Batman?

FILLING STATION! I LOVE FILLING STATION! I had the waiter change the music from R&B, to 50s music, and the place just got way trippy. It also appeased some friends who were on the edge. I dunno... I was just happy today coz' well, I just jogged. And two... black magic is gone.

- 1 cup of red rice
- Fish fillet with taosin sauce
(this was really good. too bad the rice portion was really small)

- Breast part of char-roasted chicken from S&R...
- Bottled Water

(I was supposed to just stay in the office and do work stuff. Thank God Derrick passed for me and I just couldn't pass on the opportunity to have lunch with my work family. They take my mind off things, and being with them just really brings a smile to my face).

- Chicken Noodle Soup w/ Egg
(a favorite of mine since childhood. I used to eat this with rice pa... talk about carbo load)

Midnight Snack:
- Nachos from Filling Station (shared though I had the most I think)
- Sips of Tijte Beer from Distillery
- Bottled Water

(This is what got me. I actually exercised today and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I weighed at 205 pounds after that from 206... but gained it all back, and then some with the nachos. It's ayt... I have to celebrate my happiness. This will be my cheat day already... now to get back to work before Mom's Birthday... I promised her I'd go down to 200 by her birthday - which is on Monday already.

So that I will do because... well, it's one of those gifts I can give to mom that she will actually appreciate. It's hard to give someone like her a gift 'coz you can never tell what she likes. She seems to have everything.)

30 Minutes Jogging in the Treadmill

Now I think the reason why I've been gaining is that I've been having dips in my self-control and in my diet. Midnight Snacks are bad. Yesterday nachos, today nachos again. No more midnight snacking for me until after Mom's Birthday >> Must drop down to 200 and I have five days to do it.

I will wake up early tomorrow so I can do Bikram Yoga and lose the water weight.

- 2000 and Thin (and Happy)


  1. hi toffalot!
    i'm here na in Manila. :) And I too, just like you, am in the running for my department's biggest loser. However, I took the liberty of changing the title of the contest to the "Smallest Winner!" for positivity purposes. Hehe :)

    I've been reading your weightloss chronicles and i'm excited to hang out with you para we can exchange tips and tricks...

    Good luck for "200Monday!" I know you can do it! Eat smaller portions more frequently throughout the day! That will help SOBRA! It totally helped me. :)

    Miss n love you,

  2. Can I just say that I was in Filling Station with Bianca, Macky and some other friends on the exact same night?! It's too sad that we didn't run into each other :((

  3. EARTHA >>> Let's see each other soon! Text me! We'll totally do a healthy dinner and catch up. love you

  4. ALEXA >>> What?? really? what time! Oh shoot sayang. don't you love filling station though? it's so trippy!!! truly a hidden gem in the city