Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today is technically Day 26 but there was something wrong with my internet last night that I couldn't seem to connect and type my entry. anyway, here goes...

Yesterday something very special happened - a breakthrough of sorts for many things. I've been watching RENT this whole week and saw its journey from start to finish. Today I saw a show, an actual show, a show in the buff, a show worth being proud of, a show I can't wait for everyone to see. The tech is getting better... though there were still rough patches here and there. Lapels were muffled all throughout Act 1. Some cues were missed. But the cast seems to be settling into their roles quite well. Some were revelations that night altogether. And to some of them, I just had to go to them after the show and say... you go girlfriend. That's what I'm talking about. Awesome awesome awesome!

Everyone seems to be rallying together under some creative zeitgeist of passion and a burning desire to give and put on a show for the people who have been dying to see RENT. The feedback has been phenomenal. Jed's right. The hype was crazy! But it's different actually seeing it onstage, performed live. It's a different feeling and as an audience, you're treated to an aural climax of theater brilliance.

There was an interview segment by the press afterwards and I was so inspired by what some of the cast members said. Johann shared his experiences of Ondoy as he was one of those severely affected by it. His house was submerged underwater and admittedly, it was a struggle to get to rehearsals when his spirit was so low and as he was trying to rebuild his house. But he carried through, as actors do, because actors are the most giving and generous people in the world. Admittedly, the rewards financially are not that stellar but the fulfillment and feeling of being onstage is something you can't describe or replace. I was an actor once and I saw myself most alive and happiest when I was about to perform, and especially so when I was already onstage. Okay, there are those feelings again... detach.

Work is work as always. But I was wonderfully surprised at S&R that our whole group was almost complete for lunch. I came with the fashion group and we saw the others there and I felt right at home. I was jumping up and down like a kid who had just stepped foot into Disneyland. These people have been my family for more than a year - imagine seeing each other and being with each other everyday, 9 to 645 Monday to Saturdays - then being dissolved and torn apart. It takes some getting used to... for sure. But I also love that now, I have satellite families in different parts of the building. And when I bump into them in the hallway, it's always such a wonderful surprise.

 *Tour de Force! Woot woot!

* Though yesterday wasn't all that peachy. In the midst of my joy yesterday, I got the most awful text from my yaya Jocelyn who's been my yaya for five years.

Kuys may sa2bihn sna ako sau 
kaso nahi2ya lng ako magsbi.. 
kung sakaling mag paalam 
ako sau n uwi n ako sa amin
payagan mo kya ako, alam mo
nman n sobrang napamhal kna 
sa akn kuys ayaw ko nman n
iwan kta kaso may problema 

Oh god, I got this in the middle of work and I couldn't help but get teary-eyed and fall into some bout of depression. Inconsolable depression. I haven't gotten the chance to speak with her yet because I've been busy doing so many things. But I'm afraid that this is it. Jocelyn's about to leave me - Jocelyn who is quite literally like the wind beneath my wings. I can't see myself functioning without her. She's my rock. She's my sword. Is this God's way of preparing me for independence when I get to NYC next year? I'm not ready yet Lord. Wait lang... wait.

- 2 pcs. cheesedog
- 1/2 cup of red rice
- 1 bottle of soymilk

- Mozarella w/ Bell Peppers, Onions, and Olives (from the Calzone I ordered. I didn't eat the bread)
- 1 Bottled Water

- none

Eating their chicken, eating their fries... naughty naughty

Ayun na oh, caught on film... hotdog and hamburger. swak!

Oh god, it's the ribs of S&R. Naka-display talaga sa counter eh noh?

*I had a shoot later that day with my department's poster boys for a top teen magazine. That's Mano right there...

*now joined by Mikael who I've known for like forever. He's the younger brother of my kabarkada Nicky. Apparently, he got his first break from the shoot we did together! And now he's all over the papers, he's doing fashion week... he's a model! And he says he's not a model but the minute the camera turns on... bam. zoolander. whatever Mik :P

*The creative team of Justa, Sidney, Deanne, and Rachelle! Sid and I saw Deanne out one night in Encore and she was all vamped up tossing her hair, like she just don't care. Fierrrce.


 *That's Mik and his fiancee who designed the poster of RENT. Apparently they were two batches higher than me back in grade school in CSA. Small World!

That's Jon and my new buddy Sheree. I love her! She is too too nice! She and Gian ended up dropping me in my house after the show since my phone died right before I could call Manong to fetch me and I was already alone in the lobby of RCBC. Thanks guys! I seriously would've taken a taxi.
The 9 Works Team... Jonjon, Shelyn, Carlos, and Peachy who's part of the show. Congrats Peachykins.

More pictures... a fan of the show is joined by Fred who plays Mark, Gian who plays Roger, director Robbie Guevara, and Sheree

205 pounds

204.5 pounds

-2000 and Thin

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