Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 40: Catch-22

I'm kinda terrified of my weight today because 1) I ate too much; 2) I drank; and 3) I'm pooping and I still don't know my evening weight as I type this entry... but I'll type anyway.

Today was such a hectic day at work. It's so difficult to coordinate and put a whole project together. All the legwork is physically and mentally taxing - though I know for a fact that without this kind of stress, I'd probably be even more stressed that I'm not stressed. It's like stress is already ingrained in my system and I can't seem to function without it. I hate it yet thrive on it at the same time.

The highlight of my day is that I was able to catch up with two of my favorite people in the world - Jaime the Bourg and Felix the Golden Boy. Haha. I will never stop calling him that. Over dinner at Polo, I gladly skipped exercise to play catch up, and sort of vent about all these personal dilemmas I've been going through - a secret, that of course, I will never tell... (xoxo). I like hearing different opinions and thankfully, the two of 'em, in their own unique way, were able to knock some sense into me. I think I know what to do... I just refuse to do it. I'd rather throw it out the window and run away... which seems to be my thing, and has been my thing all these years. I'm a coward. I'm a boy.

I'm not good with confrontation. And I'm especially not good with confronting myself. So I'd rather hide behind masks and walls and not let people in, for fear of disappointment or getting hurt. Maybe I should just keep it that way? Or maybe I shouldn't? Bah. Shrug it off.

- 2 pcs. Longganisa Meal w/ Egg from Mc Donalds
- 3/4 cup of red rice

- none

- 1 Bottle of Soymilk
- 2 pcs. chicken sandwich

*There's Amador with his fattening banana cue. Naughty naughty

Dinner / Alcohol: (Polo)
- 1 1/2 Bottle of Beer
- 1/2 Glass of Margarita
- 8 pcs. Crazy Maki
- 3/4 serving of Phad Thai
- Bits of Nachos w/ Beef and Cheese
- 1 forkful of Jaime's Caesar Salad

*well there you go...

*Fattening. Buti nalang I only had a few sips... I also had 9 sticks of yosi even if I'm developing a cough. Super bad. I ended up throwing the cigs across the table and eventually pouring water inside the caha. Cigarette smoking is bad for my health.

*Our favorite Luis Espiritu who gave me some weightloss tips and who super reminds me of Harvey! I love them both!

*The wonderful Ms. Marie who is as kooky and crazy as me. I love her!


204.5 pounds

206.5 pounds

-2000 and Thin


  1. haha. yes! let's... let's designate a cheat day for alcohol calories